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About Us

At AlSaeed, we are one of most reputable international general trading company that represents leading manufacturers and suppliers on an international scale. Being a reliable and trustworthy supplier, we have the innate capability to execute orders of all sizes. We strive to provide the highest quality products and services for the most affordable price. Honesty, integrity, and value are what our company’s reputation is built upon. We put our best foot forward to be the most efficient and professional company in the industry, while promptly delivering only the highest quality products and services – we place our customers as the first priority in all stages of the product and service delivery chain.

  • Teamwork

    Working together by sharing ownership, responsibilities and outcomes

  • Integrity

    Being honest, truthful, reliable and fair while dealing with all stakeholders

  • Transparency

    Being open, straightforward and consistent in all we do by communicating with clarity, simplicity and precision

  • Respect

    Acknowledge, recognize, and value all stakeholders

  • Customer Focus

    Position customer first in all that we do


Our Services

Money Exchange

Transfer money abroad with the best exchange rates! See below how much you could save by using a foreign exchange specialist today. At AlSaeed Company we are passionate about helping our visitors transfer money abroad with the cheapest, fairest and best exchange rates in the market. Transferring money abroad does not have to be a tricky and overcomplicated task. By comparing foreign currency specialists globally, we help visitors get the best exchange rates on all types of money transfer.

Fruit and Vegetables Supply

We are dedicated to supplying fresh vegetables and fruits from local farms, from Middle Eastern farms and from international markets, in order to maintain quality standards, obtain available quantities and search for them wherever possible to find products at the right prices.

Oil Technology Services

By constantly providing economical solutions and delivering at the right time, Al Saeed has developed a strong rapport in the market and has become one of the most trusted & leading suppliers of: Pipeline products such as Valves & Actuators, Instrument tubing, fittings & valves, etc., Instrumentation & Control Solutions, Panel building, DCS, SCADA Automation, Energy Monitoring, Gas Turbine & Drive controls solutions, Cable accessories, Hazardous Area supplies, Explosion Proof Enclosures, etc.

IT Services

Al Saeed professional IT support and services keep your systems flawless and reliable. We offers remote help desk support to customers who need a support system for their business, but either don’t have the resources or want to outsource the job to professionals. If you are looking for remote support for your IT infrastructure, you have come to the right place, and we can help.

Legal Consultation

If legal issues are weighing you down, you need to consult with an attorney who can assist with your personal or business problems.  Whether you are facing criminal charges, or struggling to maintain your reputation and freedom, AlSaeed knows how to help.

Civil Constructions

Al Saeed provides to its varied customer base structural designs that meet the local legal and safety requirements while still avoids any and all unnecessary costs in the process.